Cordyceps Micronized Mushrooms, Vigor and Libido
Cordyceps Micronized Mushrooms, 120 Vegan Caps



Beyond Energy

Vigor & Libido

  • Cardiovascular function
  • Adrenal function
  • Restore physical stamina and recuperative ability
  • Replenish expended energy from exertion, stress and aging
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Cordyceps - 120 Caps

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The Benefits of Cordyceps

Our Cordyceps is USDA certified, organic, and cultivated in the laboratory. A vegan and gluten-free product! Purica Cordyceps has been proven to contain 5 times more potency than wild strains.

Improves and Increases:

  • energy - production of ATP
  • utilization of oxygen
  • blood flow
  • libido

Main Uses:

  • enhances libido
  • helps relieve chronic fatigue
  • enhances performance in athletes

The Purica Difference

Potent Micronized Mushrooms

  • Our Cordyceps is grown and matured in a controlled laboratory, the best environment for full potency
  • Micronization after harvesting greatly improves absorption and potency


Cordyceps is thought to assist in the function of the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, Zhu, 1998). Cordyceps is amino acid, vitamin, zinc rich. And clinical and preclinical studies have shown it to account for increased sperm survival rates (Guo, 1986). It may also increase sperm count and viability. Women also experience an enhanced libido and improvements in menoxenia and other female related problems. (Zhu et al, 1998)
Mushroom Immunomodulators!

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