What do our customers say about our products?

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Equine Owner Testimonials:

Doctor's Recommendation
There are numerous supplements out there that have similar ingredients to yours. But you seem to have put them together in the right proportions and the right way to be the most effective we have ever used with our horses.
Dr. Michael Colgan, PhD Biochemistry

Human Testimonials:

After 25 Years Joint Pain Gone
I have been in constant pain with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis since the age of 32. After no difference with anti-inflammatories, I soon realized that nothing works like Recovery. At 60 years old I feel like a kid some days. My hands are free from pain and my energy levels are up so the extra weight is falling off, thanks to Recovery.
Irene Hambly, BC, Canada

Pet Owner Testimonials:

10-Year-Old Lab with Arthritis
Recovery SA has been nothing short of a miracle for our 10 year old chocolate Lab, Gracie. She developed hip dysplasia and arthritis in her spine which caused her to be very immobile. We tried the expensive shots with our vet but the effects did not last long. I stumbled across Recovery SA while researching possible solutions. Within 2 weeks, I began to notice a difference in her, she wanted to do more than just lay around all day. After 3 weeks, her coat is softer and she is back to following me wherever I go. Thank you for giving me back my healthy active dog that I love so!!!
Jacqueline Colley, Alabama, USA